Team Canada 2021-2022 Tryout Process

It is that time of year again, and OSDU is looking to select our delegates to attend the 2021-2022 Team Canada National Tryout.

Please see below for information regarding the tryout and selection process:
• Please find attached the OSDU Delegate Application Form
• February 20th: Interested students must submit the attached form to me by 5:00 pm
• February 26th: Successful candidates will be notified
• March 1st: OSDU will submit the names of our delegates to the National Committee to be included in the next phase of tryouts
• March 5th: Students who were not successful in this process may complete an alternate application and submit to the National Team – this form will be provided to eligible students if interested

At this time, interested students must complete the attached application form and we will select our Provincial representatives. Please note, success in this application does not guarantee you a spot on team Canada, you must attend the National Tryout (to be held online in May, 2021) to be further considered.

Application Form

OSDU Events in the New Year

Thanks to all schools for your participation in events this term. We were very pleased with the way the online format worked, and participation remained very high, and we were delighted that many new schools joined debate. Events will of course continue online for the remainder of the school year.

We wanted to draw your attention to some events for OSDU members, all of which have been posted on the OSDU Calendar of Events:

• The Senior Provincial Championships will take place Fri. Feb. 26 – Sun. Feb. 28. Qualification takes place through your regional qualifier only; some of which have taken place whereas others are in the new year. Information will be sent out only to teams who have qualified. The tournament invitation is now available on the calendar page.

• The Junior Provincial Championships has been moved a bit later to Saturday, March 27. This event is open to all OSDU members ONLY. The tournament invitation is now posted on the calendar page.

• to follow-up on some events that were hosted in the Fall, there will be two additional tournaments; one junior and one senior, which are meant for students who have not had a number of other opportunities this year. They will be held again in a one day format – 2 prepared rounds – 4 rounds total. The junior event will be on Saturday, January 23, and the senior event two weeks later on Saturday, February 6.

As a reminder, all events being organized by OSDU will have no registration fee.

Tournament Announcement – 2 events for OSDU Members

I am attaching details of two online tournaments I am running for OSDU members, and have sent this to as many current and previous OSDU members as I can and I will post on the OSDU website. I would also ask if regional coordinators could help distribute this.

Saturday, November 14 – OSDU Junior Tournament
Saturday, December 5 – OSDU Senior Tournament

Schools must be members of OSDU to compete, but both events, along with any other OSDU events this year, will have no registration fee. These are great opportunities to debate across all regions and hopefully will be accessible to those who might not otherwise have attended. All of the details can be found in the attached document. Some further technical details will be put together over the next while and sent to registered participants and/or posted as needed.

The first event I realize is coming up fairly quickly! I am hoping there are no conflicts with other events, but I have done my best to pick what I think will work best.I hope you will find this of interest! I look forward to hearing from you.

For information contact Chris George.
Click on the events on the calendar page to find the detailed invitation.