I am attaching details of two online tournaments I am running for OSDU members, and have sent this to as many current and previous OSDU members as I can and I will post on the OSDU website. I would also ask if regional coordinators could help distribute this.

Saturday, November 14 – OSDU Junior Tournament
Saturday, December 5 – OSDU Senior Tournament

Schools must be members of OSDU to compete, but both events, along with any other OSDU events this year, will have no registration fee. These are great opportunities to debate across all regions and hopefully will be accessible to those who might not otherwise have attended. All of the details can be found in the attached document. Some further technical details will be put together over the next while and sent to registered participants and/or posted as needed.

The first event I realize is coming up fairly quickly! I am hoping there are no conflicts with other events, but I have done my best to pick what I think will work best.I hope you will find this of interest! I look forward to hearing from you.

For information contact Chris George.
Click on the events on the calendar page to find the detailed invitation.