The prepared motion for the 2020 Senior Provincial Championships will be:

This House (as the Canadian Government) would fully allow foreign-owned telecommunications companies into Canada.

For those participating in the Bilingual debate category, please find below the prepared motion in French. This should also assist you with the recommended translation of key terms in the debate.

Cette chambre (en tant que le gouvernement canadien) permettrait entièrement les entreprises de télécommunications étrangères d’opérer au Canada.

We understand that this motion is conceptually quite broad. It is up to the government team to model the case as they see fit. In order to help guide you to some of the key issues in the debate, there are several resources below which may assist in beginning your preparation. It is strongly encouraged that you look into more than just these. Please note that while some resources do direct you to the current 5G infrastructure headlines, this is not the only key consideration of the debate, but may be a consideration for some teams.

English Resources:

French Resources: – this may assist with key terms